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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 22, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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the feet of students while studying at the library, two students westbound punctured while someone was crowning around -- crawling around their table. wouldn't that be easy to find, someone around the library? gregg: he's right there, i would think so! all right. "happening now" starts right now. alisyn: have a great weekend. jon: we begin with a fox news alert, a man hunt is on for two escaped inmates, both of these guys made their getaway from a jail in st. louis this morning, we're told the two removed correction jumpsuits before making their break, they're probably wearing white t-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes right now, and here they are, vernon collins and david white is the other one. there he is. if anybody has any information on them, if you see them about, call 911 immediately. we're following this developing story. we'll bring you updates as soon as they come into the newsroom.
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and hello everybody, on a good friday, i'm rick folbaum, in today for jon scott. harris: i'm harris faulkner in for jenna lee. we're in the fox news room hard at work and "happening now", senator john mccain making a surprise visit to the rebel-held libya, referring to the men fighting moammar qaddafi as, quote, heroes, mccain, one of the strongest supporters of americans involved in libya and this trip coming with word that u.s. is now targeting qaddafi's military with another weapon and it's arsenal. our conor powell is in benghazi, and he's actually meeting right now with senator mccain and will join us in a little bit with a live report to bring us the latest from there. also in the middle east, demonstrations going on across that region on this good friday. new doubt that yemen's president will go along with the plan to end the protesting there immediately
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president saleh initially saying he welcomed the plan to relinquish power over the next three months but later said any plan must abide by yemen's constitution which states the five-year term ends in 2013. in syria, security forces firing tear gas at crowds and killing 15 protestors across that country. massive demonstrations follow friday prayers in at least five cities of syria, today's protest seen as a major protest to assad's rule. now to egypt, the country's top prosecutor, extending the detention of former president mubarek for another 15 days. he's under investigation for corruption and his role in the deadly crackdown on protestors there. rick: back home now, a plan to save billions, president obama saying he wants to cut medicare costs in the coming decades. his plan involves strengthening a 15-member advisory board, but some are questioning if doing that will affect individuals' choice for health care.
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james rosen is live in washington with that. hi james. >> reporter: good morning. if further evidence were need that's many if not most members of congress failed to read the president's 2600 page health care reform bill before it passed and became law, look no further than the independent payment advisory board, ifab, not to be confused with the more universally beloved ipad. ipad was created by the health care law, it's a 15-person board with members appointed by the president subject to senate confirmation, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius about be an ex-officio members, the agenda, to curb the cost of health care and ifab's recommendation will have the force of law unless congress passes its own law to override them, with cuts looming large in the debate over how to tackle the debt crisis, some lawmakers worry about legislative function being usurped by ipab, others think it will slowly
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starve doctors under the guise of wellness programs. defenders say ifab represents a novel approach to a problem that's festered for decades. >> so let's assume that this ipab is up and running and they make recommendations that the president himself supports. if congress wants to do something differently, they have to reject the ipab recommendations, pass new law and the president has to sign them. so that's a pretty big hurdle. >> congress has the opportunity to reject those proposals. and i think that's going to be an important protection there. the other thing about the ipab under the law, it cannot ration care, it cannot change the way that benefits are delivered to consumers, nor can it change the cost that consumers have in the medicare program. it can increase premiums, for example. so there are good consumer protections built into the ipab. >> the debt reduction plan put forward by congressman paul ryan, house budget committee chairman,
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explicitly calls for medicare patients to begin absolving some of the share. rick: i think i'm going to wait for the ipab-2. >> many apps! rick: james rosen with a serious story, thanks. >> thank you. harris: we are awaiting the fbi to release a new picture of a person of interest in that failed bombing attempt at a shopping mall near a columbine high school, police finding that device object wednesday, 12 years to the day after the tragedy there, and investigators now saying they found other similarities between what happened at columbine and now this attempted bombing at the mall. alysha -- alicia acuna is with us. >> reporter: the fbi has confirmed to fox news that very soon now we will be receiving this new surveillance photo of this person of interest. this one coming from the regional transportation district, that's the agency that runs our light rail and buses here. so we are expecting that sometime soon.
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we have seen the three surveillance photos already released by authorities. these show the person of interest walking inside the mall in littleton, where the incident took place on wednesday. police and the fbi are saying right now that they need the public's help on this because they're trying to identify this person. they say that they are confident about their investigation, and don't want to release too much at this point, because they don't want to taint the investigation itself. additionally, we have also had confirmation from the fbi this morning that all of the evidence collected in this case was sent to quantico, to the fbi lab in quantico and they arrived at 1:00 a.m. this morning and it went immediately for processing. we're told that gives you an indication of how high a priority federal authorities are putting on this case. harris. harris: you just can't forget what happened. you know, wednesday, april 20th, 12 years prior to that, columbine massacre at that high school, not far away from this, and i know that authorities have been
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saying a protect of a connection. what are they looking at exactly? >> reporter: they won't go into too much detail. again, they're saying they still have to talk to witnesses and they're still trying to track down witnesses and they don't want to sort of mess with what they may remember, however, at this point, they really can't turn their heads away from a lot of the parallels in this case. one, it happened in littleton, the mall incident happen in littleton, just less than 2 miles from columbine high school. it happened on the anniversary. it also happened within the same hour of time that the massacre at columbine occurred, 12 years ago. that was in the 11:00 hour, mountain time, the mall incident, again, 11:00 hour. there was a pipe bomb and two propane tanks found that didn't go off, fortunately, in columbine, as well as the mall. they are saying they are looking at all of this, but at this point, harris, they're saying they can't make a direct connection. harris: after seeing these pictures we were showing viewers of the day, it's
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chilling to think this could have anything to do with the tramgdy that occurred that day. alicia acuna, thank you very much. rick: all you political news junkies, the first of the upcoming election season, the map showing the states that are likely to go red or blue in 2012 and which ones does the obama -- president obama need if he wants to get reelected? political larry sabato standing by, we'll talk to him in a moment. ant a missing teenager found in maryland. and "happening now" loves interact wg viewers, we're always on the live chat and today, we want you to choose one of three different stories and later we'll tell you about it. harris, what there are the three choices for viewers? harris: you're right, we do love to interact with them. go to "happening now and on the right hand of the page, you'll see the you decide poll and a picture of the kitty, a picture of the toilet.
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i got to tell you what's going on. this one kitty was found here in new york, and he was covered, he was wet, did he actually swim across the new york harbor? we'll tell you what scientists are saying, if you choose that story. we'll find out all about it. also what would you pay for a really good toilet? $6300? you've got to hear about it. if you choose this, you'll get to see. then what tourists found in this one pond may really shock you. you do want a biting good time, i guess, when you're on vacation, i suppose. you guys choose and tell us what you want to see so we can reveal it for you at the end of "happening now". we the wait to show it to you. we're coming right back after this.
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harris: fox news alert now. we're telling you just moments ago before the commercial break about the situation on this good friday and the prayers that
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had just come to a close in syria. a country that is ripe for something to happen -- something to happen today as hundreds of protestors, hundreds of thousands of them move an antigovernment faction and now we know just into fox news channel that at least 15 of these protestors have been killed in clashes with security forces. we had reported that security forces had opened fire with live bullets on the crowd, that they were using tear gas, and now these reports in from the associated press, and reuters, saying, according to witnesses among this crowd and this brand new video, 15 syrian protestors have been killed in the short while. this had been billed as one of the big days for protesting in that country, and now it is turning out to be a very violent one. we will stay on the situation and report to you the details as they come out of that country. rick. rick: the first of the 2012
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presidential election maps and projections. larry sabato releasing a map of the country, predicting a path president obama could take to win reelection but it's not your typical electoral map, the obama campaign could be focusing on key states the president won last time, but with the legs more than a year and a half away, a lot can change, of course. joining us is larry sabato, director the center of politics, university of virginia and author of the pendulum swing. good to see you professor, good to see you here. let's cut to the chase, is president obama going to be a one-termer? >> well, history argues against it, but of course, history can be fooled. look, two facts, rick: one is that if you look at american history as a whole, by 2 1/2-1, incumbent presidents who sought another term have, in fact, been reelected. the second fact is if you look throughout the 20th century and this little piece of the 21st, only once has a party been given a lease on the white house for just four years. that was, of course, jimmy carter, from 1976-1980, but
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jimmy carter tells you it can happen, and 17, 18 months is a long time, as you noted. rick: it certainly is. okay. so i'm just wondering, the last time around, a lot of this talk was about how president obama expanded the map, that he went after states that traditionally republicans had won in the past. will he be able to sort of choose that path once again? >> well, first of all, i think he's pretty much maxed out on the electorate college, the obama camp is talking about targeting georgia and texas and arizona and frankly, if the republicans are in trouble there, they can save their money for 2016. i think what obama really has to do is to focus on the key states that he carried that other democrats have lost, like virginia, north carolina, florida, colorado, nevada. but remember, turn that around. that's exactly what the republicans have to do. they have to adopt the 2008 obama strategy of the they have to try to expand the
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electoral map. they can assume a lot of states, as our map shows, because it's amazing how many states really aren't competitive at all, ever. so in 2012, the republicans have to get back virginia, north carolina, florida, they have to get back those western states of colorado, nevada. even a small state like new hampshire can be critical in a close race, as we learned in 2000. rick: when we talk about republicans, at this point we're talking about a generic republican. once we have an actual candidate or a group of candidates, can't that change the equation as well? i guess depending upon where, perhaps, the nominee is from, if it's a nominee -- republican nominee from a traditionally blue state, for example, that could change everything, right? >> of course it can change a great deal. new polls out in new hampshire, for example, show mitt romney, who was governor of massachusetts, leading president obama by a significant margin already, while obama leads the other republican candidates.
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that's just an example. so you're going to have many states change, or at least some states change, depending upon the identity of the republican nominee, and, of course, as always, the out of power party has to choose wisely. if they choose a mainstream candidate who can appeal to the swing vote, then you've got a competitive race, even with an incumbent president. if you choose somebody who's out of the box, the odds are you're looking at a 40-state landslide for the incumbent. rick: meanwhile after all this tile and all the changes that have taken place, take a look at your map as early as it is and everything pretty much looks exactly as it did a few years ago. things really don't change very dramatically, do they? >> see, that's the genious of the electoral college or should would say the curse, depending upon your point of view. let's say there's a race where a democrat is doing really well, he may be doing well or she may be doing well but there's no way that democratic candidate is going to win texas, i'm sorry. there's no way that's going
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to happen, or wyoming or idaho. the same is true on the other side. it's amazingly easy to categorize 30 of the 45 american states, you're left with ten, 15, 16 that are potentially competitive. rick: don't diminish the work you're doing at the university of virginia because i know you and your staff are working very ward. larry sabato, the pendulum swing author, director of the center of politics at university of virginia, always good to get your insights, thank you very much for your time? >> -- for your time. >> thanks rick. harris: here are the developments in the case of a missing teenager, felicia barnes, found in a river in maryland. what investigators are learning about what happened to this girl, just 17 years old. >> crews fighting those raging texas wildfires are finally going to get break, but wait, how much progress can they possibly make with such a small window of opportunity? what the forecast is like, how long it's going to hold. we'll get the latest from the front line. stay close.
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harris: here in the newsroom we've been monitoring a news conference that's been going on in iraq at camp victory, admiral mike mullen briefing reporters right now on the situation in libya, and what to do about those rebels. let's take a listen: >> the united states' position with respect to arming the rebels is very clear, and we're not -- there'snon decision to do that, so right now, that's not going to happen. harris: of course this coming on the heels as we've been reporting to you this morning that senator john mccain is there on the ground in libya and in somewhat of a surprise visit, getting a taste of what it's like for those rebels, calling them today heroes, that we need to get behind, but you hear the admiral saying right now, there's no intention of putting any more weaponry in their hands as they fight off the forces of dictator
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mo maqaddafi. more on this developing story as it comes in. rick: right now we're getting new developments in the mysterious death of a teenager from north carolina alicia barnes, found dead miles away from her house in a river in maryland. patti an brown is live at the breaking news desk. what are we learning? >> reporter: a terrible story, ever since felicia barnes went missing, her loved ones hoped she would somehow be found alive but that hope was dashed two days ago when the body of the north carolina teenager was found in that maryland river. felicia disappeared while visiting her half sisters in baltimore. -- baltimore. her body was found near the susquehanna river. the other body was a man whom investigators are trying to identify through fingerprints. so far, he's a black male and they don't know if he's connected to felicia. the cause of death has not been determined yet for
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either barnes or the man. there were no signs of injury to barnes when her body was found, according to maryland state superintendent colonel sheridan. neither body had clothes on. colonel sheridan says the susquehanna is a cold river, it's possible the body has been in the river since shortly after she disappeared four-months ago and it was recently stirred up by the warmer weather and storms. felicia is from the north carolina city of monroe, they say that she has no history of disputes with her family or trouble with the law. investigators calling it one of the strangest and most vexing missing persons cases they've ever investigated. and now, with the discovery of her body, that investigation enters a new phase. state police have 12 homicide investigators, they're working with city police, as well as with the fbi. barnes' family and friends have raised more than $35,000 in reward money to help solve this case. meanwhile, felicia would have turned 17 this past january. rick. rick: what a beautiful young
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woman she is. our hearts go our to her family. path i an brown at the breaking news desk, thank you. >> thank you. harris: right now crews battling the wildfires in texas, getting a bit of a break, light rain and cooler temperatures moving in for some of them, giving them help in efforts to contain the flames. certainly is not the case for all parts of the state right now, but it is helping in some areas. and even where the weather is helping, mother nature was cooperation may not last very long. joining us is victoria koenig with the texas forest service. victoria, are you with us? >> yes ma'am, i am, good morning. harris: good morning. this has been a long already and dry season for you guys. good news as water moves in. how long of a window do you have? >> well, we're looking at a rather short window. we anticipate that the weather that is givingas break right now is going to start -- the dry line is going to start making its way through texas.
11:26 am
in fact, it's in the very far western regions right now, the panhandle, going on down through past el paso, but it's going to start kicking through the state, and with that dry line going through, the moisture is so close and we anticipate as it makes its way across the state, sunday evening, monday, tuesday, we're going to see an increase in fire activities once again. harris: you know, i want to paint a picture for people, too. i mean, they're looking at video of some of the burned out areas, 1.4 million acres, reported burned since january. your dry season there. but there were new fires just in the last few hours. >> yes. yeah, let me give you an update on that figure. it's nearly 1.9 million acres. harrowo harris: oh my goodness. >> that includes not just 1 cents that the texas forest service has been asked to respond on, it also includes some of the local volunteer fire departments that have responded and to fires
11:27 am
locally. so statewide, we're looking at just under 2 million acres that have been burned since the first of the year. yesterday alone, we had ten fires start up, they were smaller fires, 522 acres total, but winds are starting to -- i'm out in merkel, texas, at the command post, and we have winds that are picking up again today, so -- also we had two lightning strikes. with the moisture so low, last night, we had, believe it or not, a tornado just 10 miles north of where we were at the the command post, but with that tornado comes a lot of lightning that sparks off fires, too. harris: i think we miss the fact that sometimes when the storms come through to bring the blessing of rain, they also bring lightning and now you're reporting what is expected -- suspected to be a twister. two quick questions that you can answer almost
11:28 am
simultaneously. governor rick perry had wanted the government to declare the entire state of texas as a disaster area. how has that snepped and also in terms of what's being done for people there, what needs to be done, what kind of help do you guys need? >> okay, real quick, we've got 254 counties in texas, and 204 of them have a burn ban so that tells you how severe it is and the disaster declaration for the state of texas is very, very much needed so that we can get some additional assistance in fighting these very, very serious question. your second question, regarding what can people do, monetary donations to charitable, nonprofit organizations that assist us on these fires, and in particular, local volunteer fire departments, because they live and breathe by the donations that they receive and they have to -- they get donations, some funding from the state, but remember, they're not paid firefighters, and there's a
11:29 am
front line of defense for us so if folks want to help they could donate to local fire departments here in texas, or they could contact the state firemen and fire marshals association of texas and they could help direct them to where that might be. harris: victor yarks i'm taking copious notes on what you just told me, we're going to get information on so people can help out the fire departments right away. that's least we can do and send our prayers along. victoria koengi -- koenig, they're dealing with a nightmare. rick: i'm so glad you asked that question because people do want to help out and now they know exactly what to do. harris: we're putting that on our website. rick: we'll get it on the website. when we come back, lindsey lohan is expected in court, she's got a hearing today, it's called a high stakes hearing. we'll tell you about the charges that the star is facing, and what are the chances that she could find herself back in jail?
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we're live in l.a. plus, you feel it at the pump, the gas prices soaring. what may be behind the hike? and is there any end in sight? coming u [soft music] ♪
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it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that's just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless
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store back in january when she was still on probation on a drunk driving case. that is part of the problem with her right now. phil shueman is on lohan watch. >> reporter: lindsay lohan expected here in about an hour and a half. she gets quite a bit of media attention from real journalists and would be journalists. everybody with a camera or camcorder is here. the last time we were here was march 10th. that's when she rejected a plea deal that would have sentenced her to jail for three to six months. a lot of legal experts questioned that. allegedly she walked out of a venice jewelry store what $2,500 necklace. we are told her attorney, shaun holly that goes all the way back to the o.j. simpson team is
11:35 am
trying to say the necklace is less than $2,500 which would knock it down to a misdemeanor, and then it would be a victory for lindsay lohan, it would be less time in jail. she says she borrowed the necklace with the consent of the jewelry shop owners, and she had an assistant return it. apparently they didn't buy it, they charged wer 4 felony grand left. harris: lilo back in court. too bad she doesn't get paid for those appearances. she is making a lot of them these days. thank you very much. rick: fox news alert senator john mccain making a surprise visit to the heart of rebel-held eastern libya. our own conor powell wrapping up a one-on-one with the senator. connor joining us live. hi, connor. >> reporter: rick, senator john mccain described today his visit to benghazi as one of the most inspiring and exciting days in his life, a remarkable statement considering his entire life.
11:36 am
he met with leaders of the the opposition leaders on the military and rebel side. he met with the united states, france and a few other countries. today he said he wants the united states and the international community to recognize the opposition council here as the official government of the libyan people. either pressing the international community to release all of qaddhafi's frozen men that is being held by the international community that can then be used by the opposition council to step up the efforts to be the foreign government of the libyan people. one of the most important points he made here this afternoon was he said after being here and talking to the leaders he finds no evidence that the opposition leadership here or the fighters are members of al-qaida or islamic extremists. he did say if the stalemate does continue that could frustrate
11:37 am
woupbg libyans, pushing them to islamic extremists. he wants the united states to do more and the international community to do more. he wants them to arplt rebels here. he says he is against sending u.s. troops to have u.s. troops on the ground but he does want more weapons, money and help and aid for the rebels here, rick. rick: conor powell having talked with sends john mccain on the ground in benghazi. nice job, thanks so much. harris: pressure building on president obama as we are just nine days away from reaching the maximum amount of cash our nation can borrow to keep operating, the debt ceiling. republicans firm on what they need from the president, deep spending cuts in return for a vote to raise the debt limit. that has democrats and republicans in a big standoff. something we've seen before over a lot of different issues. paul gigot, editorial journalist from the "wall street journal" is here.
11:38 am
it's currently $14.3 trillion which is a funny money number. how big could it get in this whole process. >> reporter: we are adding a trillion dollars of debt each year. we will have to take it up at least 2 or $3 trillion in this round. the president would like more i think than the republicans would, because the republicans want to have another debate over this down the road here not too many months ahead because they think this is leverage for them to get their policy choices. harris: it isn't exactly like a budget. you can't do like a temporary measure right now to hold off the conversation. that might be the clothe closesg to it. >> reporter: it will go up. what do you get for it? if you're going to pay your bills which is essentially what we are promising to do, pay our debt, how do you reduce the size of future debt? do you cut up your credit cards as the family would, or do you limit the size, or what the republicans want, do you put
11:39 am
real firm caps on spending so we don't spend as much and then therefore don't add as much debt in the next two or three years? harris: that makes it very simple to understand. i'm wondering how much we'd be talking about this all, though, if it were not for one group called the tea party. they have changed somewhat the semantics of the conversation. >> reporter: they've changed the political debate in this country. they put the debt and spending front and center. it had been off the table particularly since the recession where we spent so much money in the name of getting out of it. harris: you mean stimulus. >> reporter: that's right. stimulus was spending essentially. they want to say, look, now we are in trouble in part because of that spending. let's limit the amount we can increase the debt. harris: what should president obama politically in shoring up and going forward, does he make the deep cuts. >> reporter: the reality is we're going to have a showdown, a real big fight after this. particularly after the president's speech when where he
11:40 am
said for the 2012 budget don't expect a lot of compromise. republicans feel the tkebl ceiling is the only real leverage. the president is going to have to make some concessions. whether it will be everything that republicans want i doubt it but there will be i suspect some firm caps on spending. harris: you see the republicans really standing firm on this showdown. i don't think i've ever said that word as often as i had since the beginning of the year. >> reporter: this will be a big one. harris: good to see you. if you're like most of us you simply can't hear enough from paul. he's on tomorrow, journal editorial report at 2:00pm eastern and then stick around, because rick folbaum will be hosting news watch at 2:30 p.m. eastern. your saturday afternoon is made. rick: unbelievable. everybody is very excited about that. harris, thank you very much. when we come back the president addressing a surge in gas prices by forming a new task force. he announced this yesterday. did you hear about this?
11:41 am
easy signing the attorney general to lead it and quote, root out fraud and manipulation in the oil markets. this comes as gas prices near $3.85 a gallon, nearly a dollar more than a year ago. doug mcelway live in washington for us. tell us more about this task force. >> reporter: the president's task force is called the financial fraud enforcement task force working group. it includes representatives from the department of justice, the national association of attorneys general. the commodities future trading commission and many other organizations. right out of the box its mission is being met with intense criticism. it's their day jobs to ferret out i will legalities in trading, so why appoint a special task force? graying peirong who is a finance person says this is a transparent political fishing
11:42 am
expedition that inch sinew eights without providing the flimsyist evidence of such. marie allen doesn't by that. we found her topping off her tank in d.c. this morning for a long drive to north carolina. she played almost $25 for a quarter of a tank of gas for her honda civic. >> i'm spending more daily, i'm spending anywhere between 40 to $60 a day in gas, because i can only use high-tech. >> you don't know who to blame, i don't know. i think someone is just taking advantage of the situation that is going on in the middle east. >> reporter: so we found a lot of people today who are filling up their tanks, and virtually everybody, rick is hurting from these high prices. rick: if you're spending more on gas you have less money to spend on other stuff. you don't have to be an
11:43 am
economist to know that high prices are the result of the law of supply and demand. what exactly is driving these high prices? what are we hearing? >> reporter: when it comes to supply and demand the pricing of oil is a really complex thing. supply and demand is absolutely key to it. included in that is speculation about the future price of oil and how the potential for disrupgs in the supply chain affect that. >> we said for most of 2011 that the price of oil has been driven by factors other than the traditional supply and demand fundamentals, you're talking about gasoline demand down about 2% at this point in the year compared to last year, and we have ample supplies of oil in the united states even though gasoline supplies are down a little bit right now, but the primary driver has not been supply and demand. >> reporter: the forecast about even higher prices this summer the last time that happened in 2008 when gas prices were over $4 a gallon and some experts were predicting 5 and $6 a
11:44 am
gallon it never happened. rick: let's hope it doesn't happen this time either. lots of people like to use facebook for all kinds of things. add bill collectors to that list, how they are using social media to make people pay their debts. taco bell is using them to go on the offensive after a lawsuit question, whether the fast food giant was serving real beef. and the company is betting the whole enchilada that consumers will appreciate the move. is it the right strategy? we report you decide, coming up. # [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy.
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11:48 am
brand you ought to be glad it's gone away and you shut up about it. taco bell goes to war. they take this defeat, when the lawyers drop it without even being told to by a judge, sued on behalf of one woman seeking class action for millions that didn't get real beef, it posts video of the taco bell ceo on website. it runs full page ads gloating on its victory, "wall street journal," u.s. times, eight markets including montgomery alabama, which is a real kind of in your face and have a wonderful headline, would it kill you to say you're sorry. it finishes with you a very direct punch at the lawyers. we hope the voluntary withdrawal of this lawsuit receives as much public attention as when it was filed. as for the lawyers who brought this suit, you've got it wrong and you're probably feeling
11:49 am
pretty bad right about now. you know what always helps? saying to everyone, i'm sorry. i talked to the law firm today, they are not commenting and they are not saying they are sorry. taco bell said, they swore we will take legal action against people who damage our brand. they have not done that yet. i have contacts in the company, i am waiting to hear from him. rick: the little dog isn't going to call you back, whatever his name is. what is the strategy as far as customers are concerned? is there any sense that taco bell customers are happy with that. >> reporter: i was checking twitter today. a number of people were saying i'm getting an itching for taco bell. they want to go back and get beef from there. they won hands down. it's pretty much a victory. i think they like being in this lawsuit, it's good for them. rick: yo quero taco bell.
11:50 am
good to see you. harris: oh, my gosh your spanish is so strong i like it. i don't know what you gave up for lent but there is one man who gave up everything but beer. what he's hoping to accomplish from his spiritual journey of suds. ♪ burns your tummy, don't you know. chug-a-lug-chug-a-lug. ♪ ♪
11:51 am
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11:53 am
rick: for the 46 days of lent one man gave up everything except beer. jay wilson has been drinking only beer and water, just as bavarian monks did hundreds of years ago. he knows his sacrifice is a bit extreme.
11:54 am
he has plenty support from his wife and doctor and his boss even let him bring a keg to work. joining us now is jay wilson. before we get into this interview i have to ask you are you buzzed right now. >> no, i'm fine. rick: i know you have your first beer at 8:00 in the morning, am i right. >> generally so, yes. rick: generally so. over the course of a given day how many beers have you been drinking? >> anywhere from four to five. in the beginning of the experiment of the project i was drinking four beers a day on the we can days and five beers a day on the weekends when my schedule was less demanding so i could get a little bit more nourishment. in the last week and a half or so of the fast i've bumped up to five beers of the day for a little extra sustenance in the end. rick: easter sunday is coming up. you've got a little bit more time. are you going to make it. >> absolutely. i have to get hit by a bus at
11:55 am
this point to stop. rick: after 44, 45 days, whatever it's been. you obviously have a blog which has been detailing and telling your story. i spent some time this morning reading your blog po*es which i found very amusing. what gave you the idea to do this? >> i don't know when any idea comes from. for me it's a matter of being a real craft beer lover, i've been a home brewer for 14 years. i'm really into the history of it, the culture of it, and so for beer circles i think the story of the origin of this style of beer is extraordinarily fascinating. this goes back to the 1600s. the monz outside of munich would sustain themselves on a liquid fast. to make that a little bit mores i they started to amp up the beer that they were already brewing. they had established a brewery, one for economic reasons and
11:56 am
two, for sustenance. during lent when they would fast 100% on liquid they said well let's push more grain in the mash ton let's make a bigger more substantial beer. this is one of the primary elements that sustains them through that 46-day stretch of lent. i thought i want to right an interesting book. i think this is a neat story. why not emulate the story and see what they went through, how things worked out for them, and so i decided i would do that to harken back to that. rick: do you feel it brought you closer to god? do you think you got more in touch with your spirituality in doing this? >> i am a christian. the idea came out of an interesting beer in history, to be clear and up front about that. i happen to be a christian. everything i've read, understood and researched about extending culture, whether you are in this culture, this culture or this culture everywhere across the world there is fasting that
11:57 am
takes place. there is a conspiracies you'll element to it. i was open to it. i read the same things that monks would be reading, i spent a lot of time reading psalms. rick: i'm going to run out of time. thanks very much for your time. we'll be right back. man, i can't wait for darlene to see me in this car.
11:58 am
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or history of heart disease or stroke. the most common side effects are liver problems, nausea, gout flares, joint pain, and rash. [ male announcer ] if you have gout, ask youroctor about uloric. harris: fox news alert now, the u.s. is bumping up support for the opposition in libya. i'm harris falker in today for jenna lee. rick: and i'm rick fall boehm. hell fire missiles are targeting forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. harris: meanwhile, senator john mccain is getting a firsthand look on the ground there, mccain a strong supporter of american military intervention in that country, and he's calling for nato to step up its air campaign. >> they need a lot of help, they need more air support. the united states has unique capabilities. we should be restoring that. harris: well, there is the
12:01 pm
military part of what he's saying and the diplomacy part of what he's saying. ambassador john bolton is the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, he talks with us right now. he joins us on this topic. let's begin, ambassador, with the development with an american senator on the ground there calling the rebels heros. how can john mccain be so sure about that? >> well, that's a very good question. i have a lot of respect for senator mccain even when i disagree with him, and this is a case where i disagree with him. i simply don't think that we know enough to characterize what the opposition's center of political gravity is. i don't even think they know what the center of political gravity is. so i was a little surprised by that comment. i'd have to say, i'm certainly not going to endorse it. harris: i want to take just a listen, if we can, to what the senator said just a short time ago. remember, he's in benghazi with the rebels. they're anti-government, and he's speaking pretty strongly. he went to a hospital. take a listen. >> i just came from the hospital where i saw a number of people
12:02 pm
who are badly wounded and dying, and that puts, frankly, it puts a face on it that argues that maybe we should be doing everything we can to help these people, and maybe we're not, and they're dying. harris: ambassador, it's complicated, though, suspect it? i mean, it puts a face on it, does it do anything diplomatically with regards to what the u.s. does next? >> look, there are also reports of the opposition summarily executing some of gadhafi's soldiers, the mercenaries in particular from african countries, so i don't think this is black and white. i think the legitimate american interest in libya is removing gadhafi from power because of his announced determination to return to international terrorism and the risk he would resume his nuclear weapons program. but that's not the objective of the application of our military force. apparently, including the new announcement on predator drones. so i think we've got an
12:03 pm
incoherent policy whether there's a face on it or not, and unless we have a clear change of direction to remove gadhafi, i'm very much afraid that we're headed for what could be a very lengthy quagmire. harris: yeah. you mentioned those unmanned drones. that was breaking news earlier, talking about the fact that the united states was going to deploy those as part of the mission, and then you heard just shortly ago defense secretary robert gates promising that there would be -- would not be mission creep. are we back in the lead? >> no, it's still incoherent. i would call this mission recreep. in the early days we were firing hundreds of tomahawk missiles. our strike planes were in the lead over libya, then the president pulled back after a week and a half or so. now we're stepping forward again. but all of this focus on tactics really ignores the central question, what is our objective in the libya, and what are we prepared to use military force
12:04 pm
at whatever level to achieve? as i said a moment ago, i think we're removing gadhafi should be the objective of our use of military force. that's not where the president is. so you can fiddle around with having predators strike, having a few cia agents on the ground. there are a thousand tactics you can employ, but unless they're employed for a coherent purpose, we really risk falling into this quagmire. harris: you know, ambassador bolton, i think we've got to get to the bottom line here. i mean, this is not turning out to be fast, and it certainly is not cheap. how do we get out of libya? >> well, i think we go after gadhafi. i think it was inherently a mistake to go in and say we wanted to use military force to protect innocent civilians and then attack gadhafi's forces. you know, he can't tell whether those bombs landing on his military's head say humanitarian purposes or whether they say regime change. gadhafi is the problem, gadhafi is the threat to the innocent civilians, gadhafi is the international threat. let's concentrate on removing gadhafi.
12:05 pm
and, by the way, finding pro-western leaders among the opposition to succeed him. harris: yeah. we heard president obama saying we would not go after another country's leader. it's interesting you're calling for that very thing to get him out of that position. we'll see what happens. ambassador bolton, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. rick: another fox news alert, violent new developments in the protests that are sweeping the middle east right now in syria. tens of thousands taking to the streets shouting for democracy and for freedom. witnesses say security forces opened fire on crowds in cities across the country killing more than two dozen people. and in yemen a key ally in the fight against al-qaeda mass rallies breaking out across the country both for and against yemen's president. defective army troops providing security for demonstrators on the ground. greg talcott monitoring all of it live in london. >> reporter: yeah. important news, rick, on two fronts. our own source with contacts on
12:06 pm
the ground in syria saying that at least 25 people have been killed in syria today. other reports are saying higher. many more people are injured as well. clashes between anti-government protesters and government security forces, live ammunition, we are told, are being used against the demonstrators, and it is happening in clashes all across the country including -- and this is important -- the very heart of the capital of syria, damascus. at the center of it all, the embattled syrian president, basharal assad, he, of course, rules a country that is critical to mideast peace efforts. that's why this is so important. he has been offering up conciliatory moves including the slashing down of harsh emergency measures that have been in place for decades. however, at the same time he's been turning his own security forces against his own people, and the protesters have been upping the ante as well. in the past couple weeks they've been calling just for reforms of the government, now they are calling for regime change and
12:07 pm
according to another source, that is an important change in tone in the protests. meanwhile, another very important front, that is yemen. we're seeing big protests and rallies in the capital of that country. that is san that and other cities. both for and crucially against the government. and the goth there is -- government there, so far there's within no violence or injuries reported today, but there has been a lot of deaths and injuries in the past couple months in protests there. there is a deal on the table to get sala out of there, being presented by a regional security group, and there could be some decision in the next day or so. it would allow sala to step down, a unity government to come in there and new elections to be held. we are told by our contacts in yemen that sala agrees to it maybe because it's kind of a sweetheart deal for him. it allows him immunity from
12:08 pm
prosecution for him and all the members of his family, and they are all over that government for that reason, rick. we're also told that some members of the government don't like the deal, some members of the opposition don't like the deal. looks like it could be going on for weeks to come. and, again, this is a very important ally for the united states. active in that country, i'm told al-qaeda is taking a wait and see attitude and getting ready for, perhaps, some opportunities in the future. historic times, rick. rick: certainly is. greg talcott live in london, thanks. harris: new information coming in to our newsroom now on the profile of that suspected serial killer. parts of new york city on alert and on edge. police are hunting that killer. and now expanding their search for more victims. our heather childers is live in our new york city newsroom with more on this. heather? >> reporter: harris, police are right now searching a barrier island of long island, that's where the most recent human remains were found. ten sets of remains have been
12:09 pm
located since december along a 10-mile stretch of some remote dunes. police have not released many details, but based on clues that have come out, some criminologists have started to piece together who they think the killer or killers may be, and the location of where the remains were is one of the most important clues. the out of the way area suggests that the killer possibly lives or works nearby. the dunes are covered in poison ivy, so the killer may have sought treatment, and they believe that he is a white male in his mid 20st to mid 40st, he's married, has a girlfriend and is financially secure. another important clue are those burlap sacks found at the scenes. profilers leave that the killer or has access to burlap sacks. the killer made some taunting phone calls, you may remember, to a sister of one of the victims using the victim's cell
12:10 pm
phone, and that leads experts to believe that the killer is sadistic, an impulse that would be reflected in if his relationships and his jobs. and finally, only four of the ten sets of remains have been identified. each one of those victims was reported missing in the summertime, so investigators say that suggests a seasonal nature to the crimes. harris? harris: oh, boy. and summer is just around the corner. heather childers, thank you. rick: when we come back, the president's poll numbers are falling lower as gas prices are going higher. is there even a link? even the president's talking about this. plus, breaking news in a jailbreak. two inmates are on the run after dropping out of a window this morning. >> they started running, i mean, they bust out the back, like 40 of 'em. and everybody was just running around like they didn't know what to do. and we didn't know what to do neither because we didn't know what was going on. [ rge ] psst. constated?
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12:14 pm
harris: breaking now, a manhunt for two inmates who escaped from a st. louis jail. patti ann brown following it all. >> reporter: police are frantically searching for those two men who escaped from the st. louis city justice center in town town st. louis just this morning. the suspects reportedly escape t from a medical center inside the jail. police say it appears they tied sheets or t-shirts together and scaled down the side of the building from a broken third story window. a sheet was also found draped over the top of a light that would have lit that window. witnesses who were inside the justice center this morning told reporters they heard a lot of commotion, and then officials locked down the entire building. the suspects are described as black males, one is vernon collins, 34 years old, 6-1, 170 pounds. he was being held for assault on a law enforcement officer, armed criminal action among other things. the second suspect is david white, 33 years old, 6-2, 180
12:15 pm
pounds. and he was being held for burglary, domestic assault, endangering the welfare of a child and other charges. they were wearing yellow corrections jump suits, but the investigation has revealed they apparently removed those before escaping, so police say they would be probably wearing white t-shirts, shorts and white tennis shoes. both of these men are considered dangerous, and anyone who sees them should call 911 immediately. harris? harris: all right, patti ann, thank you very much. rick: well, you have no doubt noticed that gas prices are up. prices for a lot of things are up; food, coffee, that too. well, the president's noticing, and he was at a fundraiser last night where contributors paid $35,000 a plate. the president was suggesting that the high gas prices are partly to blame for his low poll numbers, and he announced a new task force to look into all of that. "the wall street journal"'s deputy bureau chief is joining us now, dennis berman. thanks very much for being here.
12:16 pm
let me ask you about this task force that the president is setting up looking for funny business going on in the oil market. are they going to find anything? >> presidents throughout the ages have put together task forces to understand whether there is manipulation in the markets, and, well, what do you know? markets are markets, and i don't think that there will be any particular thing that is revealed in this, this task force. rick: okay. so inflation in general, not just at the gas pumps, but at the supermarkets and we mentioned, i mean, first of all, how did we get to this point? >> well, you could say it began in the financial crisis when so much went wrong in the economy and the federal reserve started buying as much as it could and putting out as much money as it could into the economy. and the school of thought is that as that money flooded into the economy, people needed to find new places to get returns for their money. and so they've pushed into commodities. so buying oil, buying
12:17 pm
commodities like wheat and cotton and copper, and that has, in be theory, pushed the prices of the commodities and things we buy ever higher. rick: you know, i remember doing interviews with smart people like you a couple of years ago, and people were talking about inflation. they were talking about how some of the policies that the president was putting in place, that this was the road we were headed down, and so the warning signs were there even before, you know, we got to this point. >> right. rick: inflation, can inflation ever be a good thing? >> well, keep if mind these are not the policies of the president, per se, it's the policies of the federal reserve which is an independent body from the president. rick: okay. >> so the federal reserve is making these choices, and can inflation be a positive thing? yes, it can. if you remember back in 2009, there was a chance of deflation in the economy where prices dropped which -- not to be too complex about it, but that is a bad thing for economies. the question that the federal reserve has to answer right now is what is too much inflation, and the choice that ben bernanke, the fed chairman has
12:18 pm
made is, yes, there is some inflation, but the risk of not doing anything is greater than the risk of putting more money into the economy. and that's where we are today. rick: so interest rates, i mean, this is what the fed does in order to try to influence and manipulate the markets a little bit. what are we looking at, i mean, down the road as far as interest rates and how they could come into play to try to get inflation under control? >> right. well, here's some important things for your viewers. interest rates right now are very low in the united states which is sending the dollar lower than it's been in three years. investors are looking to the euro, buying the euro where interest rates look like they will be higher. so a weaker dollar sort of riles us up in america. we're a strong country, and we want a strong dollar. but there are positive benefits of a weak dollar, and that means we can sell our stuff more to people abroad who want to buy our goods and services. so that is, can can be a positive thing as the economy tries to get out of a very sluggish three years here. so, you know, it's economics, it
12:19 pm
can be complex, but right now i'd say the economy is not in a terrible position. it could go either way. rick: and so for folks who are sick of paying what we're paying at the pump, sick of what we're paying for milk and coffee, we just have to ride this thing out? >> i think we're going to have to ride it out. if interest rates rise, we might see some of the commodity pressure come off here, but i think the main thing that the economy really need to get going right now is more employment. there was some positive news from wall street with corporate earnings, that's a good thing. but until we see real employment growth, i think we're going to see the fed keeping its position which will probably keep commodity prices relatively high. rick: dennis berman from "the wall street journal" owned by the same parent company as this network. good to talk to you. >> pleasure, good to see you. harris: must be friday because we're going to talk about winning. a speeder motorcade in washington, d.c., no big deal. sing the when the president --
12:20 pm
it is when the it's the president. our courtny friel has your fried 411. and a waste in the way campaigns are financed. unions acknowledging their power is shrinking, so now they are pushing back. how it all could effect democrats in 2012. stay with us.
12:21 pm
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harris: live pictures coming in to fox news channel right now, the president getting ready to get off of marine one and then board air force one to come back to the east coast going home to the white house in d.c. he's been on his west coast swing doing some mighty fundraising for his party and his presidential campaign.
12:24 pm
reportedly raising in just 72 hours some $4 million and attending some six or more fundraisers. the president leaving lax in a short while and wanted to give you just what's "happening now" as these live pictures come in. this is los angeles international airport. if we stick with it long enough, we may see after they drop the stairs the president come down, or it could take a little while. we may come back to it, but we just wanted to show you he's getting ready to go back to the white house. rick? rick: another fox news alert as we continue to follow the story out of littleton, colorado, from wednesday. this is the case at the mall, the southwest plaza mall where security officials found what could be a pipe bomb there. and these are brand new pictures that were just released. and this is someone who's now being called a suspect in this case. he was being called a person of interest. that has sort of been upgraded now. he's officially a suspect, someone the police are looking
12:25 pm
for. as you can see, he is an elderly man, he's got gray hair and a moustache. that familiar striped shirt that we saw from a picture that had been released earlier. these were pictures that were captured from the light rail, the train and bus service in colorado. all of this, of course, has got a lot of people on edge because it took place on the exact day, the anniversary of the columbine massacre. the mall where these explosive devices less than two miles from columbine high. and, of course, police are investigating possible connections between the two cases. but again, brand new pictures of the suspect. we want today show them to you as soon as we got them. we'll bring you more information as we get it right here on fox. harris: time for today's power play. one of the president's biggest supporters now devoting time and energy to a cause other than his re-election effort. the service employees international union or seiu
12:26 pm
reportedly planning an outreach campaign to rally labor support similar to what we saw in madison, wisconsin. some democrats apparently worried about what this could mean for the party in 2012. chris stirewalt, fox news digital political editor, joins us now. chris, good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you, harris. harris: why are the democrats worried about the unions making a push? >> reporter: well, anytime you have an organization that is so central to the president's re-election hopes as the service employees international union, the most important union both in terms of international contributions and expenditures and also the ground troops that they bring for democratic candidates and particularly for president obama, that's going to cause some alarm. but this year is a little different because, remember, president obama thinks that he can raise more than three-quarters of a billion dollars, part of which he's doing out in california now. he's not likely to have a primary opponent. he's going to have lots of money. so what the unions are saying is we're going to go out there, and we're going to take it to the republicans the same way we took
12:27 pm
it to 'em in the wisconsin. we're going to get the bull horns out, march, be in their face and demonstrate to people that these guys are no good. harris: yeah. and how will that play out for the democrats? are the unions popular? are they still powerful? >> well, it depends on where you go. you're much better off doing it in the wisconsin where there is considerable sentiment for unions than you are in, say, north carolina where people are a little pit more reserved about -- little bit more reserved about unions. they constitute the largest bloc of those folks and, by extension, are the most important constituency for democrats come election time. so getting in people's face seemed to work to a degree in wisconsin. whether that is an applicable national strategy, that remains to be seen. harris: how could this backfire on the president's hopes of a second temple? term? >> well, president obama has kept these folks at an arm's length difference so -- distanco
12:28 pm
far. as a candidate he expressed solidarity with them, but when it came down to the fight over collective bargaining, the president in the end backed away from the issue because it's very divisive and controversial. so if this keeps happening, the president may find himself forced to choose between standing with hiss folks or alienating swing folks. harris: and what should focuses pay attention to as unions come into the picture? let's get a flavor, a little bit from a quote from from one of the -- well, union president mary k. henry talking to "politico" about the 2012 strategy. look at this. the people of wisconsin stood up numbers and ways that we haven't seen before. you talk about taking it to the face of the voters, what should voters be aware of as we get into the presidential campaign? >> well, a key thing to be aware of is this, the unions are serving two goals. one, it's important to them to
12:29 pm
get democrats elected because democrats enact policies that are more favorable to group ons overall. but at the same time they're facing a serious membership crunch, especially for those unions that aren't government unions. and for those folks the reason this policy is so important is because it's also an effort to get more people into their ranks. so as the unions are getting the bull horns out and talking, remember it's two things. it's an effort to help democrats or, more accurately, beat republicans. but, also, an effort to try to recharge or, as henry said, turbocharge union sentiment and get their numbers back up. harris: i feel like the calendar has been turbocharged. it's like it's not even 2011 anymore, it's already 2012 as we talk about the details. >> may 5th in greenville, south carolina, first debate, the first fox debate, it is on. harris: nice plug. we appreciate that. chris stirewalt, thank you. rick: all right. coming up, charlie sheen running red lights in the nation's capital, and now police want to know why their own officers were
12:30 pm
providing him with a high-speed escort? courtney friel will join us. and from japan, stunning new video from inside the evacuation zone near that crippled power plant. what happens to ghost towns left behind? and good friday observances are live around the world. the point is leading the faithful in prayer on this holy day. we'll be right back. matter whas e-trade can help. they've got strategies, screeners... [ sneezes ] bless you, peppers. ...24/7 customer support. anyway... [ sneezes ] you know peppers, i told you to get a flu shot. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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harris: growing concerns over radiation expose your till in japan. the government adding several more towns to the evacuation zone after sealing off the area within 12 miles of the fukushima nuclear plant just yesterday. they made the list longer. meanwhile, the government is putting up more road blocks manned by police to make sure people done try to get in. this is brand new video from the town of fukushima taken by somebody who ignored, obviously, the orders to keep out. there's a big penalty for that now. you can go to jail for 30 days if you don't listen. believe it or not, people have been sneaking back into their homes to retrieve their belongings because they don't know how long it's going to be until they can occupy that area. joe is here, he is a nuclear expert and president of plowshares fund. thanks for being here with us. >> sure. harris: i want to get an idea of how long the wait could be and how serious the danger still is within that 12-mile radius around that nuke site. >> well, one of the things that's making the japanese citizens very angry is they
12:35 pm
don't know. and it's not the fault of the government. the government doesn't know because this is still a crisis. this is still unfolding. the japanese government and the power authority called tepco, tokyo electric power company, say it's going to take between six and nine months before they can get these reactors under control if everything goes correctly. and so the government has extended the evacuation zone. it's now warning people to stay away because of the continuing radiation leakage. here's one example. they estimate they have about 70,000 tons of radioactive water in the reactors that they have to pump out. they're not quite sure how to get rid of it. 70,000 tons is about 18 million gallons. that's about 14 million toilet flushes. so that's a lot of waste to get rid of. they're not sure how they're going to do it, and they're afraid this radiation will continue to spew into the area around the plant as far as 30 kilometers away. harris: wow. you know, while you're talking,
12:36 pm
i want to draw people's attention to these incredible pictures. >> yeah. harris: this person who got in beyond that barrier, that is a lot of earthquake damage. and then you have a tsunami move in. you say that things could go at any moment. what do you mean by that? >> right. here in this footage you see this is still a ghost town. no one's there which is one of the reasons the authorities have now mandated that no one can go in within 12 miles of the zone, in part to prevent theft. but also because of the steady radiation damage. you have to understand that there are three reactors there, plus approximately seven fuel ponds jammed with spent fuel. and all of those have major coolant problems. they're not able to keep the rods cool, and that's why they keep pumping water in. the water leaks, they have a radiation water problem. but these facilities have been subjected to stresses that no plant was ever designed to withstand. another aftershock or even the pumping of the water into these
12:37 pm
facilities could cause cracks, stresses, could result in major new radiation leakages. it's a day-to-day struggle. harris: yeah. you know, joe, as you're talking about this, this made headlines, obviously, right after that 9.0 magnitude earthquake and then the tsunami that killed hundreds of people, then thousands of people, the numbers kept growing. and it was all front page and then went with away. you say there's a very good reason why we need to pay closer attention to what's happening with the fallout in all of this in japan. why? >> right. because this is a situation that's going to last for months or even years. just think of chernobyl which has a similar evacuation zone, about 30 kilometers around chernobyl. fukushima, 30 kilometers around the plant. it's 25 years after chernobyl. the other great level seven accident, and they they are stil working on the containment of this. they estimate they're not going to be done until about 2085. in fukushima we're looking at decades, maybe a century of
12:38 pm
cleanup. and in that first period, the next three, four years, there'll be dangers of major radiation spills even under the best of circumstances. so that's why you have to keep watching. this crisis is far from over. harris: yeah. people let back into their homes for just a short period. authorities saying they'll do it again within two months, you get two hours. a lot of them only had a debit card and the clothes on their back, and you're talking a very long time until they can occupy those homes again. we appreciate your time, thank you. >> my pleasure. rick: well, right now christians around the world are observing good friday. in vatican city the pope is leading worshipers, and greg burke is streaming live for us from rome. hi, greg. >> reporter: before the joy of easter it's all about the passion of christ, the suffering on this day, good friday. that is what it's all about. the pope in st. peter's right now with one littery, and later this evening he'll be at the
12:39 pm
column for the way of the cross. it's interesting, pope benedict answered some questions on italian television coming in from around the world. among them from some young people from iraq. he said he prays for christians in iraq every day. he also told them don't give up, try to resist the temptations to leave the country. pope benedict also telling a 7-year-old japanese girl that there really isn't an answer to suffering for innocent people, but that christ was also innocent, and he suffered and that someday we'll be able to understand that pain and suffering was all part of god's plan. now, the pontiff also speaking to a woman whose son is in this a coma, an italian woman saying that taking care of him is a true act of love, a witness to faith in god, and what he said was respect for life even in the saddest situations. now, finally, rick, it's a very busy period for the pope, of course, easter always is. he normally gets a little bit of a break afterwards. this year that's not really the case because once easter sunday is over, already they'll be
12:40 pm
planning for the following sunday, the beatification of john paul ii. rick: it must have meant so much for the faithful to have the pope answer their questions today. imreg -- greg burke streaming live from rome. thanks very much. harris: well, charlie sheen causing a commotion -- i'm not sure that's breaking news. courtney friel has your friday fox 411. >> reporter: hey, harris. that wasn't just the catcalls and heckles from charlie sheen's performance earlier this week, it was the police resources used to get him there. we want to know if taxpayers are footing the bill. two police cars escorted sheen's entourage to his show, and he was running about an hour late after his custody hearing in if l.a. went long. he tweeted he was with a police
12:41 pm
escort and attached a picture of the car's speedometer going 80 miles per hour. there are report that is the government will be reimbursed for the services provided. all the director of communications would confirm to me is that the metropolitan police department internal affairs is investigating the incident. meanwhile, sheen's stand-up tour continues. he's at it again tonight in tampa at 8 p.m. harris: you know, when you just said he was with an escort and then you gave a beat and you said police escort, you should have heard the response here in the newsroom. >> reporter: you like that? harris: hey, wait a minute, there's breaking news with you. happy birthday, my friend. >> thank you so much. happy earth day to the earth. [laughter] harris: more importantly, it's your birthday. go with that. >> yeah, that's more important. harris: all right. rick: courtney and i share an office together, we are celebrating all cay long.
12:42 pm
harris: just throw mud at each other? rick: stop by, if you like. when we come back, the movie hollywood doesn't want you to see, and we'll introduce you to the film maker who's not from hollywood. also one week from today kate middleton will be a newlywed bride, but there's one thing she's refusing to say when she takes her vows. and a key court hearing is about to begin for lindsay lohan. prosecutors expect to lay out the evidence against her in a felony theft case. we have a live update from the scene coming up next. ♪ living with diabetes is a reality for me,
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12:46 pm
list before they can tap into health benefits. what's that all about? we'll find out. we hope you'll join us at the top of the hour. rick: thank you, shannon. a fox news alert and a world exclusive video, now, of a somali man arrested wednesday in d.c. he has been charged with piracy. amy kellogg has been on this story from the very beginning. she joins us from our london bureau with the breaking details. >> reporter: hi, rick. we were fascinated to get this information. ali muhammad ali who goes by several names was arrested, indicted for conspiracy to commit piracy. he is someone, rick, we had an exclusive interview with a couple years ago. we traveled to jabuti in africa just on the border with somalia to interview this elusive man to try to get some clues as to the murky world of pirates. he always claimed that he was a pirate negotiator, in fact, he
12:47 pm
negotiated the release of hostages who were held on a boat called the cec future which was owned by a danish company, the clipper group, and can was carrying steel plates. ali told us that he was not a pirate, that he was helping to actually free the hostages. here's what he told us. >> pirates on the ship i was, they weren't a stable group. they weren't stable. one minute they are friendly, and the next minute they just explode >> reporter: but the feds believed that ali ali was, in fact, very close to this operation, involved in the beginning. it was a horrific experience for those hostages who were onboard, most of them were russian/eastern european. freed safely, but the horrifying moments at the time of their capture were caught on film m,
12:48 pm
and we ran it in our documentary. take a look. the nightmare began november 7, 2008. you are listening to distress calls from the danish ship, the cec future. >> automatic weapons. >> yes, correct. they're on deck already. >> she was under attack by somali pirates carrying kalashnikovs and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. the future was carrying a 6,000-ton cargo of steel plates enroute to indonesia. >> we're under fire. we're under fire now. >> reporter: and yet again ali always maintained that he was not a pirate, that he was just trying to help. one more listen. >> it's my job, responsibility to stand up for them because that's what, you know, the big boss told me to do.
12:49 pm
>> reporter: now, ali always claimed, rick, that he didn't can make any profit from this, basically, that he wanted to become a piracy expert, learn about what was going on and then even have his own tv show about it. interesting, he spent many years living in the united states where he was arrested for assault. those charges went away, basically, because of a technicality this court. he goes back to somalia saying that he just wants to live a quiet life and retire there, gets caught up in all of this and then somehow thinks he can come back to the states and do something and is picked up at dulles airport this week. this, rick, as the problem of piracy that we don't hear about it daily is on the rise. last year was the worst ever for attacks. right now there are 33 ships held hostage and a big debate in the u.s. government about how we should step up the fight against piracy. rick? >> rick: great reporting, as always, from amy kellogg with a
12:50 pm
world exclusive. thanks so much. harris: well, coming up, a moment you've been waiting for. it is your choice. today's hot story straight ahead, the one you voted for on we'll be right back.
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12:53 pm
rick: ayn rand fans are flocking to theaters to see a movie based on "atlas shrugged." so many in hollywood disagree with the political themes. joining us now is the producer. good to see you. you're not a hollywood guy, you're a south jersey guy like me. how'd you get into the movie business? >> well. i was on the board of the ayn rand institute, and in '92 i
12:54 pm
purchased the rights of the movie from the estate. rick: so you had a window in which to try to get this movie made. you would fly out to los angeles, i guess to pitch the big studios, right? >> yeah. and really thought, wow, 15 years, this'll get done in a couple of years because the library of congress and new york times did a study, one of the ten books most influential in your life back in the early '90s, and it was number two behind the bible. i thought the studios would grab it, and i was wrong. it's taken a long time. rick: this is a book that is famous for the themes that she writes about and the way that her characters act in the movie. do you think that that was the reason why you ran up against so many obstacles? >> you know, implicitly perhaps but never explicitly. studio executives want to make money, they want to make a profit, and i just thought it was too complicated a project for them. >> so not unlike some of the characters in her books, you
12:55 pm
really had to sort of become your own sort of force of nature here and get this movie made. how'd you do itsome. >> well, the rights were coming to an end, and i had to make a decision. it was my wife who said, you know, this'll haunt you the rest of your life if you don't do it. and being an entrepreneur, i've had a couple dozen companies more or less. the die namings is essentially the same, strategy, tactics, whatever. so i went out to hollywood and got a producer, my fellow producer, and we got it done. rick: well, it's in theaters now, and i think it opened last friday in about 300 theaters? are you going to have a wider release? >> yeah. it'll be in just about 500 theaters this week, and we'll expand to a thousand theaters in the third week and beyond. rick: well, good luck. this is only part one, there are two more installments. hopefully, you'll have an easier time getting those made. the producer of the new movie, >> thanks, rick.
12:56 pm
rick: we'll be right back right here on fox. [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ [ male announcer ] the davis twins...
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rick: fox news alert, lindsay lohan now in a crucial court hearing in l.a., charged with stealing a necklace. this is video from a couple of minutes ago. she has arrived in court. we'll have more right here on fox. harris: you voted on three stories on our web page"happening now." with 45% of the vote in you wanted to see what happened to the cat that was found in new york city. a cal louisiana could he cat from new jersey arrived on governor's island in new york. hits fur, salty, matted and caked with sea weed. that has island officials thinking the cat swam against all odds from new jersey to end up on governor's island. that is 172 acres, it's beautiful, they are developing it. if you're a kittie and you want too leave jersey it's a good place to


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